Water Resources Annual Report 2021-2022

Water Resources Department serves the community by providing high-quality, reliable water, wastewater, and stormwater services and by demonstrating exceptional customer service and resource stewardship.

City of Greensboro Water Resources Department



Water Resources Adopts Strategic Plan One of this year’s top accomplishments of the dedicated staf of Water Resources is the department’s new Strategic Plan. Strategic Planning, or the efort directed at focusing an organization’s purpose and vision around shared goals, is critical to sustaining our viability and success. The plan has fve key goals that help guide the department’s focus of achieving and sustaining exceptional water, sewer, and stormwater services. When all of our eforts are tied to one or more of the following goals, we ensure our 370 employees are meeting the needs and providing exceptional service to our customers and community: Operational Employee Training Efciency and Organizational Development Customer and

Infrastructure and Resource Resiliency

Product and Service Quality

Community Engagement

2021-2022 By the Numbers

Vision To be a leading utility known for innovation and committed to our community, our employees, and the environment. Mission With a team of knowledgeable and dedicated staf, the Water Resources Department serves the community by providing high-quality, reliable water, wastewater, and stormwater services and by demonstrating exceptional customer service and resource stewardship.















Five Things You Should Know About Your Water & Sewer System

Is the water safe? Yes! We provide safe drinking water to the taps of our 318,000 consumers every day. This quality is consistently measured. Every day our team of professionals performs more than 1,100 water quality tests. We also track emerging contaminants, substances that are not yet regulated, but might be of concern in the future as our scientifc knowledge grows. It is our commitment to ensure the wellbeing of those we serve.

CHECK OUT THE RESULTS: » Annual Drinking Water Quality - Consumer Confidence Report at www.greensboro-nc.gov/CCR

» Our work on emerging contaminants at www.greensboro-nc.gov/PFOS-PFOA and www.greensboro-nc.gov/1,4-Dioxane


For every bill you pay (average $51.40), this is how we spend it: • $2.19 – Buying Water from Other Utilities • $4.38 – Fuel, Chemicals, Electricity & Natural Gas • $10.79 – Maintenance and Operations of Plants & Rehabbing Water and Sewer Lines • $12.11 – Employee Salaries and Benefts • $21.93 – Cash and Debt for Capital Improvements

How reliable is the system? We do a lot of things to make sure water always reaches your tap – from being connected to neighboring water systems to keeping infrastructure well maintained. In 2021, our T.Z. Osborne Water Reclamation Facility’s wastewater conversion project expanded capacity from 40 million gallons (MG) per day to 56 MG per day to support continued city growth. We’re also developing a new program to help prioritize infrastructure repair and replacement of the 3,000+ miles of water and sewer infrastructure that is 70-100 years old. It will minimize water disruption to customers, prevent sanitary sewer overfows, and prioritize response actions to quickly recover from incidents. LEARN MORE: » Learn more about repairs at www.greensboro-nc.gov/Rehab » Learn how to prevent sewer overfows at www.greensboro-nc.gov/FOG

Who works here? Water Resources has a deep bench of certifed operators that are extensively trained in industry best practices and public health and environmental health regulations. These operators are supported by a team of engineers, scientists, mechanics, and other professionals. WATER RESOURCES CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS: » 41 Wastewater Treatment Operators » 34 Drinking Water Treatment Operators » 48 Sewer Collections System Operators » 27 Water Distribution System Operators

How do we work with the community? We ofer custom environmental and natural resource programs for students and adults, water and wastewater treatment facility tours, and volunteer programs. Get involved at www.greensboro-nc.gov/GetInvolved. EDUCATION & OUTREACH PROGRAMS: » 465 Community Events » 3,332 People Attended

» 25 Adopt-A-Steam Partners » 35 Stream & Lake Cleanups

Supporting Development & Growth

Water Resources is Critical to Regional Economy

Supporting Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

Greensboro is rapidly growing – and the Water Resources Department has a signifcant role to play in luring economic development. In 2021-2022, two major manufacturing facilities – a Toyota battery plant south of the City and Boom Supersonic’s airplane assembly plant at the Piedmont Triad International Airport – wouldn’t be possible without the City of Greensboro providing the water and sewer infrastructure to those sites. From the perspective of Water Resources, economic development means allocating our limited water and sewer capacity and stormwater infrastructure in a way that has a positive efect on the retention and growth of business and community sustainability. With guidance and oversight provided by City Council, Water Resources looks for opportunities to partner with businesses. Toyota will invest more than $3.79 billion and employ 2,100. Boom will invest $500 million and bring more than 1,700 jobs to the region. The City of Greensboro anticipates providing 2.34 MG of water and 1.33 MG of sewer capacity daily to the Toyota manufacturing site alone. With this commitment and fnancial investment to build unparalleled manufacturing operations within the Piedmont Triad, economic development ofcials say the region is on the cusp of realizing even greater growth through private sector investment. That means small business growth, more jobs, additional revenues to local governments, and other opportunities which make our community a better and more attractive place to live and work.

- Water Resources is committed to partnering with minority and women owned business enterprise (MWBE) frms for contracted professional services and construction. On average, approximately 25 percent of our contract spending goes to MWBE frms, totaling more than $26 million in spending with MWBEs in Fiscal Year 21 22. THAT INCLUDED: » Ten MBE and 11 WBE frms that provided professional services » Twenty four MBE and 16 WBE frms that worked on construction projects - - -


www.greensboro-nc.gov/Water | 336-373-2055 | 2602 S. Elm-Eugene St., Greensboro, NC 27406

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