IT Service Catalog for Year 2018-2019

A P P E N D I X A Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Additional Fees These fees are the same for all departments/divisions regardless of TIER I or TIER II Status:

Monthly Rate

Daily Rate $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00

VoIP/Telecom Charges

Service Desk Loaner Late Fees

Multi Line set

$30.50 $32.50 $27.50 $29.50

Loaner Desktop Loaner Laptop Loaner Monitor Loaner Printer Loaner Projector Loaner Scanner

Multi Line set with Voicemail

Single Line set

Single Line set with Voicemail Add-on module (7914/8800)


Analog Line


Headset (Corded)

$3.50 $5.25

Cordless Phone

Virtual Server

Ringdown Circuit


Monthly Rate Per Server

One Time Charge

Amount of Storage

Software Change Change with Visit

$10.00 $40.00

Virtual Server


IP Surveillance Camera Maintenance & Storage

SAN Network Storage

Monthly Rate

Monthly Rate Per Camera

Amount of Storage

Amount of Storage

500 GB or less 501GB to 1TB

$100.00 $200.00

15 to 30 days


Social Media Archiving

Monthly Rate

One Time Charge $1,785.00



Digital Signage

Digital Signage License Fee*

*Thin Client is required.

Monthly Rate Per Person

Drop Box Drop Box


Expired Lease Fee Leased Equipment Without Action (per piece of equipment)

Monthly Rate


Notifcations of Leased Equipment Expirations will be sent to the respective Technology Liaisons 45 days in advance. The Liaison must respond with either a request for lease replacement or return without replacement. If this action is not taken, a monthly charge of $50.00 per piece of equipment will be assessed.


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