Horse Pen Creek Road is widening from New Garden Road to Battleground Avenue to improve safety and improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility. This significant project, with an estimated total cost of $33 million, one of the largest City transportation projects ever, will be completed in the summer of 2021. Major intersection improvements at Guilford College Road/West Market Street are under construction with completion also expected this summer. Funding for improvements to Alamance Church Road and Vandalia Road are also remaining from the 2008 Transportation Bond referendum. Alamance Church Road is in final stages of right of way acquisition and construction is scheduled to start in the fall of 2021. Vandalia Road is scheduled to start right of way acquisition this summer and will be advertised in the fall of 2022. An $8 million roadway and sidewalk improvement project for Holt's Chapel Road and Lowdermilk Street is projected to be completed in the next few months. Significant sidewalk projects are underway in all areas of the City. Of note, installation is underway for 20,000 linear feet of sidewalk along English Street and approximately 124,000 linear feet of sidewalk along Pisgah Church Road, Lees Chapel Road and Yanceyville Street. Work on these projects is expected to be completed by the end of calendar year 2021. Progress on the Downtown Greenway continues. Phase 2, a significant portion of the Greenway along Murrow Boulevard, is under construction and expected to be complete by the summer of 2021. For Phase 4, along the Atlantic & Yadkin Railroad line from Spring Garden Street to Smith, design plans have been received and property acquisition has begun with construction scheduled to begin in the summer of 2021 with completion by the fall of 2023. Design plans and property acquisition are nearly complete for the $7.5 million Summit Avenue Streetscape project, which will enhancement Summit Avenue from Brenner Place to Sullivan Street and Yanceyville Street from Summit Avenue to East Lindsay Street. Project construction began this spring, with completion anticipated in late calendar year 2022. The successful 2016 bond referendum included $34.5 million for capital improvements to, and expansion of, Parks and Recreation facilities. Bond projects that are currently underway or in the planning phase include various improvements to the City's regional, community, and neighborhood parks (e.g., Barber, Keeley, Hester, Griffin Peeler, Brightwood, Lake Daniel) the completion of the Gateway Gardens Visitors Center improvements to community recreation centers (e.g., Glenwood, Peeler, Lewis, Trotter), the addition of the City's first outdoor pickleball courts at Smith Active Adult Center, and city wide tennis court improvements. In addition, planning for a new, state of the art joint community services facility to replace Windsor Recreation Center and Vance Chavis Library has begun with considerable public input to the design, and phased development of the Battleground Parks District featuring Country Park, the Greensboro Science Center, and nearby attractions continues. Zoo expansion at the Greensboro Science Center is nearly complete, and the carousel began operating in August of 2020. The 2016 bond referendum included $28 million for transportation enhancements, including $18 million for enhanced roadway resurfacing. $14 million of these funds have already resulted in about 160 lane miles of resurfaced streets. The referendum included $4.5 million for new transit buses, $5 million for new sidewalk and intersection improvements, and $500,000 for renovations to the Galyon Depot. Planning and design for these projects are underway, with completion expected during FY 2023. Voters also approved $25 million in Housing Bonds to support the development and repair of an estimated 1,007 housing units and to leverage approximately $54 million from other funds. To date, $18 million in Housing Bond funds have been committed to over 1,100 units with over $100 million in anticipated leveraged funds. Remaining and future bonds will be used to continue the implementation of the Housing GSO plan adopted by Council in 2020. Implementation of the plan will also help reach the Council adopted goal of 1,200 additional housing units affordable for residents earning between 0% and 60% of average median income. Projects to date have secured more than 480 units within this goal area already. Housing Bond funds are supporting new homebuyers, assisting homeowners in need of repairs, providing supportive housing for the homeless and disabled, and developing and rehabilitating affordable multi family housing units. The City continues to plan and implement a variety of water system improvements and maintenance efforts using both debt financing and pay as you go (cash) capital financing. The proposed CIP includes $660 million in water and sewer infrastructure projects, nearly 44% of the total capital improvements plan. Water and sewer utility improvements include a forcemain and gravity sewer relocation project at Hilltop Lift Station, major electrical improvements at the Mitchell Pumping Station and system wide sanitary

Adopted 2021-22 Budget


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