sewer and water line rehabilitation. Water Resources has also began the implementation of a next generation advanced metering system infrastructure. The recommended budget includes a proposed water rate increase of 4.5% for customers both inside and outside the city limits. This modest rate increase is essential to maintain system maintenance. All rate increases were delayed for the current year to limit financial impacts on customers in light of the pandemic. Even with the projected increases, the City maintains the second lowest water rates in the state.

"Achieve exceptional customer service, a diverse workforce and ensure fiscal stewardship, transparency and accountability."

The recommended budget continues the organization ΒΆ s commitment to provide a competitive overall compensation and benefits package for City employees. The City invests in the health and well being of our employees through funding free annual preventative health screenings, free participation in the City's diabetes management plan, low cost, on the job medical appointments, a recently expanded leave program for caregivers and parents with six weeks of paid leave, and a variety of other paid leave benefits. The budget continues a variety of employee development initiatives, including MentorMe (employee to employee mentoring program), and leadership development programs, such as Leadership Edge, designed to prepare employees for leadership roles in the organization. The recommended budget includes an average 3% merit increase for all eligible employees, and also includes funding to advance sworn police and fire personnel to the appropriate next steps in the Public Safety Step Program. The overall pay structures for general and executive employees maintains competitiveness through a 2% pay structure increase. Police compensation is also directly addressed by increasing starting pay for patrol officers to over $40,000 and other step and pay adjustments to address compression. FY 21 22 includes an option to begin the first of a multi year implementation of a general employee step program with the aim of providing more equitable pay advancement for close to 40% of the organization. I very much appreciate the continued dedication our employees show to the cause of public service. We are prepared to assist City Council in adopting this service and spending plan for our City. Respectfully submitted,

David Parrish, City Manager

Adopted 2021-22 Budget


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