Information Technology Policy Manual FY20-21


Approved Certifications for Tier II Technical Staff

The below certifications are recommended for Tier II support staff. It is understood that other professional development certifications or training may be required to adequately maintain and support the licensed technology solutions within the organizational entity.

A+ Certification •

The A+ certification demonstrates competency as a computer technician. Officially, CompTIA A+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification that covers numerous technologies and operating systems from such vendors as Microsoft, Apple Inc., Novell and some of the Linux distributions


ITIL describes processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists, which are not organization- specific but can be applied by an organization for establishing integration with the organization's strategy, delivering value, and maintaining a minimum level of competency.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams •

MTA exams are exams that provide professional based certifications on Microsoft products, and they provide the fundamentals for IT Infrastructure (Windows, Windows Server).

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