Information Technology Policy Manual FY20-21


PURPOSE The purpose of this policy is to establish a set of procedures for monitoring, recording, and transfer of equipment for surplus. This is an internal policy for all Information Technology Divisions.


This is an internal policy for all Information Technology Divisions.


There are no associated definitions applicable to this policy.


Each division within IT having items for surplus will send a listing to Kiran Purswani or delegate via email with the quantity, condition, and serial number where possible. Items for surplus of a telecommunications nature will be provided to Gerrad Biffle or delegate with the same information where possible. When equipment is identified for surplus the receiving manager will ensure the item is not currently on any lease. Leased equipment will be returned to the appropriate supplier utilizing existing operation procedures. Surplus items will be entered into the surplus sale site and have tags issued. Once the tags are received by the IT department, Leasing and Deployment will be assigned to tag and transfer the equipment to the surplus site. Additionally, Departments are not allowed to remove or purchase technology related equipment from surplus for City use or to ride on the City’s network. Personal purchases are als o not allowed in accordance with the HR policy link that follows this statement.

ENFORCEMENT AND COMPLIANCE Each division manager will be responsible for identifying, monitoring, and transferring surplus equipment when required .

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