HR Annual Impact Report 2021-2022

Report shares accomplishments that show the impact Human Resources has made in the last year.

2021-2022 Impact Report HUMAN RESOURCES

Margaret Mead said, “never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.” This attitude reflects the thoughts and goals of the City of Greensboro Human Resources Department over the last year. It is our sincere desire to implement programs and policies that benefit employees and show how much we care about your overall health, well-being and workplace experience. These efforts range from conducting an employee survey to implementing a tuition reimbursement program. We have amazing partners like Optum that helped implement Live and Work Well to support employee mental health. We worked with leadership to enhancement compensation programs and made an intentional effort to pop up around the city for transparency and visibility. We are pleased to share these highlights of our achievements from fiscal year 2021-2022. Human Resources Focuses on Caring for Employees

Exploring Employee Engagement Engaged employees have a sense of purpose, are energized about work, help co-workers and exceed performance expectations. The City regularly surveys you to determine engagement. However, we did not always act on the results. This year, we focused on taking specific actions to increase engagement. A record number of employees participated. We learned employees feel the City is a caring place to work. You have positive relationships with team members and leaders. You appreciate the work-life balance and generous benefits. You said department leaders and the executive team can do more to act on their feedback. For the first-time, managers and supervisors were provided with specific feedback from their team. Equipped with this information, City leaders will be better able to build and maintain an engaging work culture.

Employee Survey Results


Responses Like their colleagues Identify with the City’s values



Believe their manager cares about them as a person


“Thank you to the City for offering this program. It makes me feel valued as an employee. The program is

Tuition Reimbursement Reinstated

simple to apply and once approved, very easy to be reimbursed. It helps with the financial stresses that paying for college can cause.” —Jeneen Reitano Administrative Support Specialist Guilford Metro 9-1-1

Over the past few years, our leadership team has received numerous suggestions on how we can improve and better support our staff. Well, you asked and we listened. Employees may now apply to receive assistance for courses taken towards an accredited degreed program. Amounts range from $1,000 to $2,000 per fiscal year based on an employee’s employment status and salary. Formal academic course work taken by a City employee will improve the employee’s work performance in their current position and help prepare the employee for future career aspirations. Providing tuition assistance can create development opportunities that reflect a diverse and skilled workforce and attract and retain employees. Learn more and apply in August.

“I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am for the Tuition Reimbursement Program through the City of Greensboro. I feel the need to continue my education to better equip myself for not only my current position at the City, but also for any positions that may come up where I can become

even more productive and provide a greater impact. Thank you for the financial assistance!” —Russell Behn

Housing Rehab Project Coordinator Housing & Neighborhood Development

“The City of Greensboro Tuition Reimbursement Program has helped me to pursue a degree that is not only applicable to my current role, but prepares me for my future career path with the City as well. I’m incredibly grateful that the City values professional development and assists in this way.”

—Jessica Hutchens Training Specialist Guilford Metro 9-1-1

Mental Health Program Launched

To help our employees and their families address the serious impacts of mental health, the City implemented the Optum Live and Work Well (LAWW) program for all employees January 1. The program provides free behavioral health virtual or in-person visits for you and family members. LAWW also provides resources for managers and supervisors when mental health issues or critical incidents occur at work. Other benefits of the program include access to counselors who specialize in first responder care, 24/7access to help by calling 800-789-3145, legal counseling and mediation services, and financial consultations. We feel this improvement to our overall health benefit offerings will help employees address their whole health, mental and physical.

“In a previous career, I was a marriage and family therapist. I believe in getting mental wellness checkups, like most of us value an annual physical. I was excited to check in to my mental wellness by way of the (Live andWork Well)

program! Sometimes finding a good practitioner takes more than one try, but it’s worth it!”. —Dr. Love Jones Director, Human Rights

In Case You Missed It

Step Plan Introduced The City introduced a new pay plan for general employees. Some of you expressed concerns that merit raises were not always fairly administered. The Step Plan is designed to take away departments’ discretion. It gives employees predictable and pre

determined pay increases each year. New Incentives for Bilingual Staff

Greensboro’s diversity is a major asset. Residents speak more than 30 languages. We have a legal responsibility to provide non-English speakers with equal access to services. We are working to attract and retain talent with language skills. This year, we increased bilingual pay by 250 percent. Team members can now earn $2,500 annually. Public Safety Incentives and Bonuses Promoting safe communities is a top priority. We have adopted a number of incentives this year to help attract and retain emergency communications specialists, fire fighters and police officers. These enhancements include signing bonuses, night shift premium pay, and incentives for honorable military service and certified fire fighters and emergency medical technicians. HR Pops Up In 2022, HR decided to “pop-up” around the City. HR quarterly pop-up topics included training, professional development, benefits, and wellness. By the end of 2022, additional topics such as compensation, salary structures, recruitment and career development will be covered. We will continue our intentional efforts to reach all employees.

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