Greensboro Fire Department Annual Report 2022-23

An interactive annual report for the Greensboro Fire Department for 2022-2023.


2022-23 Annual Report

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From the Chief The City of Greensboro’s continued growth and expansion underscores the need for a professional, high-quality fire service. This annual report will give you a glimpse at the challenges faced by the Greensboro Fire Department and how we are meeting the City Council’s priority of making Greensboro the “Safest City.” This year, we’ve added additional staff in development services, new fire inspectors, and a deputy fire marshal position in response to explosive grow and new development. We’re pursuing new land to address future needs as well. The City Manager’s Office also provided an additional $3 million for new self-contained breathing apparatus, keeping firefighters safe while they respond to emergencies. This year, city residents also showed their support for the department by approving a bond that will enable us to renovate aging stations. Our community partners helped enhance our educational efforts by donating the funds for a safety trailer and to build a miniature version of Fire Station 7 at Safety Town. The support from the residents and community partners such as these are invaluable for the success of our department. Every day, our staff is rising to meet the high expectations of the community. A record number 54 of our staff earned promotions this year. We awarded more than 120 Life Saving, Medical Life Saving, and Technical Rescue awards to staff. Our Support Service Branch, which ensures that the department runs efficiently and effectively, should also be praised for their dedication to keep us running smoothly despite significant supply chain issues. The Greensboro Fire Department remains committed to meeting the increased demand for our services. We are grateful for the support of City leaders and residents, and it is our honor to serve. Jim Robinson Fire Chief City of Greensboro

Vision To be immediately recognized by Greensboro residents and the fire service industry as a premier, professional, progressive fire department that consistently delivers the highest quality services possible, one that maintains public trust and improves people’s quality of life by ensuring a fire safe environment and serves as an exemplary model service delivery agency.

Mission The department exists to educate and serve people. Our purpose is to protect life, property, and the environment within every community entrusted to our care.

The Frank Family Foundation donated a miniature version of Fire Station 7 to Safety Town at Barber Park, where children learn safety lessons.

Department Leadership

Deputy Chief Dwayne Church Emergency Services

Deputy Chief Alex Gossett Administration Services

Deputy Chief Brent Gerald Support Service


CPSE Accreditation This year, the department received reaccreditation with the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE). Accreditation encourages quality improvement, alignment with community needs, and data-supported decision-making. This is the sixth time Greensboro Fire Department has achieved accreditation..

Voters Approve Bonds for Station Renovations In July, city voters approved $14

million in bonds to support fire station renovations. Fire Station 14, at 3633 Summit Ave., will be the first station to undergo refurbishment. The planning process is


Structure Fires 6.2% Increase Fire Department Responses 8.53% Increase

$8.6M 40,975 $480.9M

Property & Contents Lost in Fires (1.77%) Property & Contents Saved (98.2%)

completed and Samet Corporation has been selected to perform the renovation. Fire units will be relocated in spring of 2024 during the construction process.

Hydrants Inspected 12,605 7,146 Pre Incident Plans Completed

New Engine Deployed In January, new Fire Engine 50 went into service. It is located within Guilford County Emergency Base 5 at 6498 Franz Warner Pkwy. Engine 50 serves newly annexed eastern parts of Greensboro. This shared location allows for cost-sharing of facility expenses between the county and city.

Fatalities 9

Civilian Fire

Smoke Alarm Batteries Installed 508 868 28.17% Smoke Alarms Installed Successful Use of CPR

Line of Duty Firefighter Injuries 21

Days of Work Missed Due to Injuries • 83% Decrease 23

Injuries 25

Civilian Fire

Days of Light Duty Due to Injuries • 37.9% Decrease 134

Tackling Staffing Challenges This year the Fire Department faced significant staffing challenges with more than 40 personnel departures. To address this issue, we established the Effective Response Force Committee, aimed at maintaining a minimum standard of four personnel per truck through mandatory overtime shifts. By actively engaging with the personnel, the committee implemented changes that accommodated their concerns and requests. As a result, our current policy stands as one of the most compassionate and supportive in the entire nation. The department also launched its first-ever lateral class, an effort to attract experienced firefighters from other departments. By welcoming lateral hires, we aim to bolster our ranks, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure that our personnel are well rested and equipped to serve the community effectively.

GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT The City of Greensboro has experienced dramatic increases in development and growth in the last few years – spurring demand for additional Fire Department services. A record number of more than 1,500 acres of land was annexed into the city limits in 2022, more than double 2021. In the 2022-2023 fiscal year, more than 5.4 million new square foot of buildings were built in the city. Together, those two growth drivers have put pressure on the department to expand services. In the case of annexations, this requires new staff and facilities. This year the department pursued additional land Growth Fuels Demand for Services

in eastern Guilford County for future fire stations as the east side of the city grows. The department also pursued land to support in-fill development.

To meet the surge of new development, the department added four new inspectors and a plan reviewer. We also added new department support personnel.

1,581 5.4M City Expansion

Acres Annexed to City Limits*

Square Feet of Buildings Needing Fire Inspections

*2022 figure

STAFF HIGHLIGHTS Support Services Plays Critical Role

Support Services Facts & Figures

Greensboro firefighters will have your back in an emergency because the department’s Support Services Branch ensures they are always ready for action. Support Services Branch conducts operations that sustain the department by training, equipping, fixing, protecting the department from injury, and preventing loss of life. Support Services anticipates requirements and proactively acts to meet most

of the needs of other sections and divisions. It also reacts to unexpected situations to meet the ever-changing requirements of the department. The branch includes five divisions: Critical Resources, Training, Fire Garage, Fire and Life Safety, and Health and Safety.


Miles of Fire Hose Tested

454 579 200 180 344 642

Tires Replaced

Ground Ladders Tested

Preventative Maintenance Projects Completed Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Bottles Tested

Work Orders Completed

SCBA Fit Tests


Miles Added to Trucks • 33.58% Increase

Women Thrive on Greensboro’s Arson Investigation Team Few women serve as arson investigators in the fire service nationwide. Greensboro Fire Department had three, one of whom recently left the department. About 12 percent of arson investigators are women, according to Zippia. That is only 1,752 women nationwide, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fire investigators Bridget Crump, Vicky Martin and Jennifer Mann jokingly call themselves the Greensboro Charlie’s Angels. These arson investigators take pride in what they do – responding to fires all over the city. Crump has been with the Greensboro Fire Department for more than 21 years and has worked as an investigator for seven years. She is the only member of the department that holds an International Certified Fire Investigator Certificate.

Staff Honors

EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR Curtis Woody Captain CHIEF OF THE YEAR Daniel Laszlo Battalion Chief CAPTAIN OF THE YEAR Kirk Daniels Captain SUPPORT SERVICES EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR Rodney Holt Captain ENGINEER OF THE YEAR Brian Lynch Engineer FIREFIGHTER OF THE YEAR Mitchell McMillion Engineer

Total Staff Awards

11 6 111

Life Saving Awards

Technical Rescue Awards

Medical Life Saving Awards

Bilingual Staff Assist Residents This year, the department expanded the number of staff members who are able to assist in speaking Spanish to residents while on calls for service. Four Fire Department employees who have knowledge and ability to communicate in a language other than English have passed the City’s required testing for bilingual staff members. Another seven staff members who have submitted their request to be added to this bilingual team are scheduled for the required testing. IN THE COMMUNITY

Community Donates $50K for New Equipment In the fall, the Kiwannis Club of Greensboro provided $50,000 to the Greensboro Fire Department. This donation will be paired with a donation from the Fanny Stuart Bain Living Trust to enable the purchase of a 27-foot Smart Fire Safety Training Trailer. This device will be used for teaching fire safety events throughout the city. The expected delivery date is fall 2023.

Firefighter Friday a Huge Success As part of our mission to provide educational opportunities to communities throughout the city, in 2022 we hosted Firefighter Friday, a program to reach young people in southeast Greensboro with a fun and interactive experience. At Firefighter Friday, the Emergency Services and Fire and Life Safety divisions demonstrated the firefighters’ jobs and taught fire safety. We set up a miniature obstacle course, including a section with a hose line attached to a fire truck. Other stations provided materials such as coloring books and smoke alarms to help reduce the community’s fire risk. The staff also cooked and served more 200 hot dog meals as a thank you to participants. Due to the success of the first event, Firefighter Friday will be held twice a year at different City park locations.

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