General Fund Expenditure Highlights

Expenditures By Category The chart shows a comparison of General Fund expenditures by category for FY 19-20 actual expenditures, the FY 20-21 amended budget, the FY 21-22 adopted budget and the FY 22-23 projected budget.

General Fund Expenditures by Expenditure Category Actual Budget







$ 208,759,716 132,932,968 256,500 Total Expenditures $ 299,628,37 8 $ 307,428,887 $ 329,255,081 $ 341,949,184 183,105,921 116,237,263 285,195 $ 191,678,029 115,585,703 165,155 $ 201,811,709 126,119,872 1,323,500 $

Personnel Costs Maintenance & Operations Capital Outlay

The FY 21-22 General Fund budget includes personnel costs of $201.8 million, $10.1 million, or 5.3%, higher than the current revised budget. Personnel costs represent the largest proportion of General Fund expenditures, at over 61% of overall expenses. The fund includes a net increase of 36.63 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions. A total of 15.63 FTEs were added as part of mid-year position requests and reorganizations. An additional 20 FTEs are included for various service enhancements. Several position changes are included for a variety of General Fund Departments detailed in the Position Summary section of the document. The budget includes funds for the continuation of the Police and Fire step program for appropriate ranks, compensation increases for Public Safety employees, including raising the starting pay for entry level police officers, fire fighters, and emergency telecommunicators, as well as addressing compression. These changes totaled approximately $1.7 million. A merit increase of 3% for all other eligible employees is also included. The adopted budget includes approximately $2 million for required increases in the City's contribution to the retirement system on behalf of City employees, and approximately $900,000 in additional expenses related to workers compensation that were reduced in the current budget to help address challenges related to the pandemic. The budget also continues funding to maintain a $15 minimum wage for all eligible City employees. Maintenance and Operations (M&O) expenditures, including transfers to other funds and debt service, are budgeted at $126.1 million, roughly $10.5 million, or 9.1%, higher than the current year budget. Changing markets for recycled products will increase costs for the City's recycling program by about $750,000 as part of the last year of a three year planned approach. M&O for various programming and equipment costs total just under $900,000 for related service enhancements. The budget also reinstates approximately $2.3 million in M&O reductions adopted for FY 20-21 including $1.2 million in facilities maintenance and over $500,000 in programming reductions. A transfer to the General Capital Projects Fund of $655,000 reinstates delayed funding for the third cycle of Participatory Budgeting and funding for a future disparity study update. The General Fund contribution to the Coliseum Fund decreases by $500,000, from $3.4 million to $2.94 million. The General Fund contribution to the Solid Waste Management Fund will continue at $1,830,537. The General Fund contribution to the Debt Service Fund increases from $24.8 million in FY 20-21 to $27.7 million in FY 21-22. Debt service represents about 8.4% of total General Fund expenditures. Capital outlay, expenses for equipment and vehicles and other assets over $5,000 which have a useful life of more than one year, increase by $1.2 million. Approximately $400,000 of this is directly related to vehicles and equipment needed for additional employees. Over $600,000 is also included to add additional refuse vehicles for solid waste collection services. The FY 22-23 projected budget of $341,949,184 is $12.7 million, or 3.9%, higher than the adopted FY 21-22 budget. The projected budget anticipates the continuation of service enhancements in many areas including additional positions for Police, Parks and Recreation, M/WBE , and Human Rights.

Adopted 2021-22 Budget


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