GENERAL FUND The accompanying chart shows a service area comparison of General Fund expenditures for FY 19-20 actual expenditures, the FY 20-21 amended budget, the FY 21-22 adopted budget, and the FY 22-23 projected budget. The FY 21-22 adopted budget of $329,255,081 is $21.8 million, or 7%, higher than the amended FY 20-21 budget. The budget reinstates approximately $5 million in reductions to programming and maintenance adopted for the current year because of anticipated impacts on revenues and operations due to COVID-19. The adopted budget also includes approximately $11 million in service enhancements, compensation adjustments, and other cost increases.

General Fund Expenditures by Service Area Actual








$ 35,945,114 27,780,963 90,053,423 155,611,084 32,558,600 Total Expenditures $ 299,628,378 $ 307,428,887 $ 329,255,081 $ 341,949,184 30,369,817 25,259,962 77,551,154 139,802,70 5 26,644,740 $ 32,452,996 25,491,373 81,727,879 142,966,216 24,790,423 $ 34,887,120 28,110,918 86,876,162 151,684,751 27,696,130 $

Community Services General Government

Infrastructure Public Safety Debt Service

The Public Safety service area, which includes Police, Fire, and the General Fund support for the Guilford Metro 911 Fund, is the largest service area in the General Fund. The total service area budget is $151.7 million, which is about 46% of the total General Fund. The adopted budget is about $8.7 million, or 6.1%, higher than the current year budget. The budget includes the fully funded Police and Fire salary step plans, Public Safety compensation changes totaling almost $1.7 million, the addition of 15 Police positions, three (3) dedicated Fire Shift Safety Officer positions, and on-going maintenance for the replacement of Fire Stations 7 and 56. The Infrastructure service area, which includes Field Operations, Transportation, Engineering and Inspections, Planning, and contributions to Solid Waste Management and the Coliseum Funds, is the second largest service area at $86.9 million, or 26% of the General Fund. The infrastructure budget increases by $5.1 million, or 6.3%. The Field Operations Department budget includes the final contracted increase in processing costs for the City's recycling program totaling $750,000. The budget includes the reinstatement of $1.2 million in reductions for delays to major maintenance projects adopted for FY 20-21. The General Fund transfer to the Coliseum Fund is $2.9 million, a $500,000 decrease over the current year due to an anticipated return to more normal operations from COVID-19 related event cancellations. The Community Services service area, which includes the Library, Neighborhood Development, and Parks and Recreation Departments, increases by $2.4 million to $34.9 million, or 11% of the General Fund budget. Increases include five (5) additional positions, three (3) Assistant Center Supervisors for Parks and Recreation and two (2) Crew Members for greenway and trail maintenance. The General Government service area budget is $28.1 million, about $2.6 million higher than the current year budget of $25.5 million. The budget adds an M/WBE Specialist and two (2) additional positions in the Human Rights department to assist with the expanded nondiscrimination ordinance adopted by Council earlier this year and various commission support needs. The budgeted contribution to the Debt Service Fund will increase from $24.8 million to $27.7 million. The increase is necessary to fund increased debt service needs based on the planned issuance of the remaining $36 million from the 2016 bonds. A limited decrease was included in the FY 20-21 budget to help offset budget impacts related to the pandemic. The FY 22-23 projected budget of $341,949,184 is $12.7 million, or 7%, higher than the adopted FY 21-22 budget. The projected budget anticipates the continued implementation of service enhancements in many areas, including additional positions for Police, Parks and Recreation, M/WBE, and Human Rights.

Adopted 2021-22 Budget


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