TOTAL BUDGET - POSITION CHANGES The accompanying charts show the net changes in full-time equivalent (FTE) positions by Service Area and by Fund Type for FY 20-21 through FY 22-23. The FY 21-22 budget shows a net increase of over 45 full-time equivalent positions. Mid-year additions total 21.63 FTEs, while additional positions related to service enhancements total another 24 FTEs. During FY 20-21, seven (7) positions were added to the Police Department as part of the implementation of the Violent Crime Reduction Strategy, including five (5) Homicide Detectives, one (1) Crime Analyst, and one (1) Victims Advocate. In FY 19-20, the City began contracting for Behavioral Health Response Services. The Behavioral Health Response Team was staffed with City employees beginning in FY 20-21 with the addition of six (6) Counselors and one (1) Team Leader. A senior M/WBE specialist was added to replace a dedicated transfer to Water Resources. The Communications and Marketing Department added one (1) Communications Specialist, and a part-time (0.63 FTEs) Program Specialist was added for additional administrative support for Creative Greensboro in the Executive Department. Mid- year position changes for the Infrastructure service area include one (1) additional Civil Engineer in Transportation, two (2) positions for Water Resources’ Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) prevention program, and two (2) additions for the Coliseum, including one (1) Advertising Display Manager and one (1) Meet Technician at the Greensboro Aquatics Center. Operational needs are also addressed by the addition of 24 positions in FY 21-22 for various departments through proposed service enhancements. The Police Department includes eight (8) additional patrol positions in FY 21-22. The Fire Department will add three (3) captain positions to serve as dedicated shift safety officers. The budget also adds three (3) Assistant Community Center Supervisors and two (2) Maintenance Crew Members in Parks & Recreation, one (1) Public Accommodations Investigator and one (1) Commission Administrator to support Human Rights, one (1) M/WBE Specialist in Executive, one (1) Signals Technician in Transportation, one (1) Equipment Maintenance Technician in Equipment Services, and three (3) positions in Water Resources for a Lab Specialist, Asset Program Manager, and Cross-Connection Field Representative. For FY 22-23, 18 additional positions are anticipated including eight (8) Patrol Officers, one (1) M/WBE Specialist, two (2) Assistant Community Center Supervisors, three (3) additional trail and greenway maintenance Crew Members, and three (3) positions for the anticipated opening of the February One parking deck.

Adopted 2021-22 Budget


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