Projected Transportation capital expenditures over the next ten years total approximately $387 million, which accounts for 31.0% of the Infrastructure Service Area and 24.6% of the total CIP. Projects planned for FY 21 22 include Alamance Church Rd. improvements, the final phase of the Downtown Greenway, construction of the February One parking deck, Summit Ave. and various downtown streetscapes, and transit bus replacements. Water Resources projects total just over $660 million and make up 55.6% of the Infrastructure Service Area and 44.1% of the total CIP. Water and Sewer projects in FY 21 22 includes major stream restoration protects to improve water quality and minimize erosive impacts to streams and adjoining property, and the final installment of major electrical improvements at the Mitchell Pumping Station, including the gear and associated transformers. The CIP also includes ongoing water and sewer line rehabilitation, expansion and renovations, and various projects at the water and wastewater treatment plants and smaller facilities. Field Operations Department projects total over $128 million, which accounts for approximately 10.8% of the Infrastructure Service Area and 8.6% of the total CIP. In FY 21 22 there are $10.8 million of planned Field Operations projects that include ongoing street resurfacing, replacement of landfill equipment, and continued work towards Phase III of the White Street landfill closure. Projects that fall within the Community Services Service Area account for the second largest project total of the four Service Areas, including over $262 million of Parks and Recreation and almost $14 million of Neighborhood Development projects. Combined, Parks and Recreation and Neighborhood Development account for 18.4% of all CIP projects over the next 10 years. Community Services projects planned for FY 21 22 include a number of projects previously approved by City Council including the Battleground Parks District initial development, community tennis improvements, and other projects funded by bonds approved in the 2016 referendum. Neighborhood Development includes a variety of projects funded with bonds approved in 2016 as well, including revolving loan funds and workforce housing initiative projects targeting at risk or disadvantaged groups and areas within Greensboro. The Public Safety Service Area includes just under $30 million in Fire Department projects and $5 million in Police Department projects accounting for 2.3% of the total CIP. The majority of the projects are related to construction of new and replacement or renovation of aging Fire Stations. Also included is the Police Department headquarters renovations and record management system upgrades. Funding Overview The Capital Improvements Program relies on a variety of funding sources to accomplish its many efforts. These include debt financing enterprise funding general fund revenues state shared revenues and grants from the state government, federal government, or private sources. Funding Sources Funding Sources 4.8% 0.4% 19.9%

General Fund


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Adopted 2021-22 Budget


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