POLICE DEPARTMENT Budget Highlights: The FY 21-22 Adopted Budget is increasing by $5,138,440, or 6.5%.

 The budget includes the full cost of seven (7) FY 20-21 mid-year FTE additions. The seven additional positions are five (5) Police Officer II positions utilized in Detective roles, one (1) Crime Analysis Specialist, and one (1) Victims Advocate.  The FY 21-22 and FY 22-23 budgets include a total of 16 Police Officer II FTEs that will be utilized in the Patrol division. Eight (8) Police Officer II FTEs will be added in FY 21-22 and the remaining the eight (8) FTEs are projected to be added in FY 22-23.  The FY 21-22 budget includes the addition of $65,000 for tenured psychological exams that allow for officers to be psychologically evaluated on a scheduled basis, rather than only after a critical incident.  The FY 21-22 budget includes $769,355 to address compensation changes that will be implemented in three (3) phases over the fiscal year. Phase 1 includes moving the minimum salary for starting police officers to $40,212 as well as other adjustments to the Police Sworn Salary Structure, for a total of $101,550. Phase 2 includes $550,805 to address compensation issues and market adjustments for various steps in the salary structure. Phase 3 includes $117,000 to address compression issues for Lieutenants and above.  The budget includes a return to pre-COVID-19 funding levels by $78,500 to fund Detective clothing allowances.

Adopted 2021-22 Budget


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