Adopted Budget 2015-2016

Adopted Budget 2015-16 Projected Budget 2016-17

Mayor Nancy Vaughan

Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson

City Council Marikay Abuzuaiter Mike Barber Jamal Fox Sharon Hightower Nancy Hoffmann

Justin Outling Tony Wilkins

City Manager Jim Westmoreland Budget and Evaluation Larry M. Davis, Director Steven Buter Haywood Cloud Jon Decker

Sara Hancock Karen Kixmiller Jason Martin Mickey Sloan Andrea Turner

Cover Photo “Davis Kelly Fountain”

Photo Credit: Rick Benton, VP of Visitor Experiences, Greensboro Science Center The Davis Kelly Fountain of Youth and Discovery is located at the Animal Discovery Zoo in the Greensboro Science Center. The fountain features dancing geysers and jumping arches of water. The three connected arches in the Center’s logo represent the Fountain and the connectedness of the organization with the Greensboro Community.

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